Aus Diatomeen in paderborner Karst-Flüssen
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Tributaries to the Lippe, temporary and perennial rivers

Karstic rivers are hydrogeologically conditioned to have spatial and seasonal changes in their discharge [1]. In the high plateau of Paderborn (Paderborner Hochfläche), the left tributary of the Lippe, Alme, itself and some of its tributaries are temporary rivers due to fluctuations of groundwater levels (Hungerbrunnen).


  • Preliminary sampling at the Menne
# of sampling Date
First sampling 22.05.2020
Second sampling 09.09.2020
Third sampling 02.06.2021
Fourth sampling 14.09.2021

Sampling of 3 karst rivers

In the framework of the Programme for the promotion of excellent early career researchers


Compare microscopy diatom identification with molecular samples (rbcL and 18S V4) for a further project application.

Rivers to be sampled:

Sampling sites

-Menne | 1 sample dry / pool / flowing river

-Talgosse | 1 sample dry / pool / flowing river

-Sauer | 1 sample dry / pool / flowing river

# of sampling Date
First sampling 05.04.2022
Second sampling 09.09.2022


Rivers of the Lippe catchment

Temporary rivers

  1. Menne [1]
  2. Alme
  3. Altenau
  4. Ellerbach
  5. Sauer[2]
  6. Talgosse [1]

Perennial rivers

  1. Afte
  2. Gosse
  3. Piepenbach
  4. Reingraben
  5. Lippe
  6. Rhein

Sample studies

Diatom species (digital microscopy)
Diatom species (eDNA)
Vitality methods

Other things

Recommended literature
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Next plan

Paderborn High Plateau
Perennial Non-Perennial
Reference Karpke, Schmittwasser, Odenheimer Bach, Kleinenbergerbach Menne, Talgosse, Piepenbach, Finkenpuhl
Modified Altenau Afte, Alme Sauer

Non-Perennial Artificial Natural
Reference Strothe, Thune Menne, Talgosse, Piepenbach, Finkenpuhl
Modified Beke, Blögge, Ellerbach, Klaggesbach Afte, Alme, Sauer
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