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Here are minimal instructions to get started in the group:

Being environmentally friendly

  • Screens and lights MUST be switched off at the end of the workday (power consumption is approximately 30 W).
  • Your lbox MUST be left on standby ("suspend" mode) at the end of the workday (power consumption is 3 W in suspended mode, wherease it is 60 W when left on).
    • To reactive your lbox when working remotely (username = your comphys username): ssh wakeup
  • Take carboard/plastic/old gadgets/etc to the recycling bins yourself (there's no DUE service to take care of this): they are in the "backyard" after you exit the buildings next to MB 022 (a janitor's office).

Keeping nice with your colleages

  • Insert the times that you are in the office (x), or on holiday (H) in the group Sciebo calendar. Empty space means you're doing home office.
  • We're responsible for keeping the tea kitchen clean. This means that each of us should:
    • empty the dish washer in proportion to own usage
    • switch on the dish washer if it is full
    • wipe fridge/microwave/sink after usage
    • if the dish washer is on and you have dirty dishware/cutlery, wash it by hand and put it away, or take it back to your office.



  • Herr Thiele's office (MC 373), (
  • Behind the tea kitchen: (

Working remotely

  • lbox needs to run the LXDE virtual desktop (ask Lothar); your laptop needs to run an X2GO client
  • DUE has a campus license for Microsoft Office; use it for home laptops/desktops to avoid formatting issues when exchanging files.
    • The DUE website does not have instructions for Mac OSX; you'll have to search for how to include the license for this system
  • There's a list of Campus Software that can be installed in the lbox/personal computers here. For some of them, you can download the software by following the links there but afterwards you'll need to insert a license; if this happens, Lothar is whom you need.

Sciebo cloud

Sciebo is a statewide (NRW) cloud service for research, studies and teaching, which is operated from the university in Münster.

  • Create your account using this link; look for registrierung. (If the link doesn't work, do a search for DUE Sciebo Anmeldung to get the right link, and then remind AVV to update this page.)
    • If interested, there's also a client you can download so you can see the documents offline more easily.
  • Once the account is created, your username will have the format "", where xxxxxxx is your uni-Kennung.
  • At the moment, Sciebo unfortunately does not deal well with collaborative online work (e.g., word docs) where users simultaneously (or quasi) modify the same file. Use it for files that you want to send someone else, not for intense collaborative work.


  • DUE Zoom can be found here.