Access to tgrepo servers

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AG Guhr

Access possibilities

Status as of 07.06.2022

For passwords and server addresses you have to ask the AG. Some of the data on the servers is purchased and is subject to contractually defined security guidelines.

Connection via terminal of university computers:

  • Start terminal; to connect to the server use:
  ssh serverusername@serveradress
  • Enter the password on request; the connection should now be established.

Connection via file manager of university computers:

  • In File Manager ctrl + L (Open Location):
  • Enter the password for the connection
  • For reading the server, the file manager must be selected once
  • Now the server is connected to the PC and accessible via the directory!

Connection via mounting of the server to the university computers

  • Create a folder with a name of your choice under Scratch/Username; here Mountpoint
  • Enter for mounting the following command into the terminal
  sshfs serverusername@tgrepo:/ /scratch/username/mountpoint
  • Enter for demounting the following command into the terminal
  fusermount -u /scratch/username/mountpoint

Why can this be helpful? When a program makes changes in the server, create folders, etc., the mounting can simplify the program. No special libraries for sftp server are needed, but libraries for simple path work are needed. Remember that the Python version of the university computer is used, not the server.