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Concerning WebQuests:

Das WebQuest Forum

Infos auf dem ZUM-Wiki = Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet = zu WEbQuests

Reinhard Donaths Seite zu WebQuests mit Beispielen

Jürgen Wagners Seite zu WebQuests mit Beispielen

The "original" WebQuest Page

Questgarden: examples and an authoring tool to create your own WQ

Materialsammlung WebQuests

Creating WebQuests with a Generator

Our favorite WebQuests:

an example: Handmaid's TAle

an example: London Eye

appears to be allright, Shakespeare: 'Romeo and Juliet'[1]

about 'Harry Potter' [2]

about British newspapers [3]

being a Hollywood reporter: looking at Hollywood from three very different angles as a reporter (Year 11) [4]

Your aunt left some dinosaurs at home, you have to learn about some of them and design a dinosaur zoo [5]

The Rescue - Find the crashed airplane [6]

Australia: Trip through the Land of OZ [[7]]

England: [[8]]

England Nr2:[[9]]

WebQuests we didn't like: