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Winter Term 2013/14

Corpus Linguistics & Data Driven Learning

Computers and multimedia technologies have had a significant impact both on linguistics and language learning. In linguistics, the availability of huge collections of written and spoken language use in the form of computerized data-bases, i.e. corpora, has led to a growing interest in corpus linguistics. In language learning, concepts such as concordance-based or data-driven learning have now been accepted as an innovative example of technology enhanced language learning. Concordance lists and corpus samples are now seen as very important both in linguistics, as they offer an insight into language based on real language use, and in language learning, as they expose learners to the kinds of language use that they will encounter in real life situations.

In this seminar we shall look at the basic principles of corpus linguistics and its computer tools. We shall also look at different kinds of corpora and consider, how corpus linguistics might lead to a better understanding of language. A further part of the seminar will then be dedicated to the question how tools such as concordancers and corpus examples can be used in language learning.

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