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Aims of the wiki

The aim of this wiki is to collect and provide an overview of

  • algorithms and algorithmic questions,
  • implementations (including documentation and examples),
  • databases

in the field of modular forms and automorphic forms (broadly understood). This includes lists of

  • books and articles and
  • conferences and workshops.

The wiki serves for interchanging ideas, algorithms and implementations, as well as making them accessible to the mathematical public.


A good page presenting an implementation should contain

  • the code or a link to the code,
  • a (link to a) documentation explaining the usage as well as the mathematical background and
  • a list of insightful examples.

Program code is acceptable in any programming language or any computer algebra system.

Please feel free to report on anything in the area that you feel might be of interest to others, including databases, articles, algorithms and even running projects.

Access is now restricted. Please create an account and send an e-mail to Gabor Wiese to get author rights.

Please help by contributing!


Modular Forms (classical, elliptic, over Q)

Hilbert Modular Forms

Siegel Modular Forms

Overconvergent Modular Forms

Non-holomorphic Modular Forms

Modular Forms over Imaginary Quadratic Fields

Drinfeld modular forms

Modular Galois Representations

Modular Curves and Shimura Curves

Related Subjects

Conferences and Workshops

Books and Articles


The wiki was started by Gabor Wiese at the end of March 2009. The first entries have grown out of the Workshop: Computations with Modular Forms which was held from 18 August to 22 August 2008 in Bristol, UK.


The unrelated Modular Forms Wiki.